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Fintech B2B Supplier Friendly Intelligent Payment Solution

Pay your Suppliers more securely and grow new profits?


Digitize nearly all of your supplier payments?

No Upfront CapEx or OpEx costs?


No software to install?


How is that possible?

Our provider has a B2B payment platform for enterprise CFOs that does just that.  With a proprietary mixture of robotic process automation (RPA) and machine learning, our tool delivers all the above and more. It pays your Suppliers more securely while growing new profits for you at no cost. It’s not too good to be true. 

Secure, Supplier-Friendly Payments

Precise Payments, with Certainty

Because of our proprietary technology and the tremendous financial network insights in our payment platform, We are able to consistently deliver payment precision like no one else. Every time.

Heading Impressive Rebates with Zero Cost

It’s not enough to just get some cash back. CFOs want maximum card participation for increased security and rebate revenue. Our solution intelligently determines the best payment routing and Supplier-payment preferences to optimize your Supplier payments.

Supplier Friendly Payments

Being Supplier Friendly means maximum Supplier participation. Suppliers want to be paid on time, accurately, and most importantly, through their preferred payment route. We get it. And we make it happen.

No Disruption

With all the goodness of maximum rebates, Supplier-friendly precision payments, and no costs to the Client, all this innovation must be disruptive, right? No. Up to the point of payment, your AP and cash management processes do not change. It is 100% focused on enterprise payments and requires minimal change.

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